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G20 Fallout: An opportunity for America to Heal

heart-700141_1280If you have read this blog before, you know it is all about encouragement and empowerment of women. Women are the backbone of society.  We are the oil that makes the engine of human family units run. Without us there are far fewer great men and far fewer well-nurtured children. We also need women to step into the limelight and use the same skills used behind the scenes to fix our fouled-up world.

But before we can do any of those things, we need to start healing our nation. We are a people vehemently divided over politics and it is resulting in hurt feelings, broken relationships and violence against us all, from the press to Congress to everyday people.

Let us all remember politicians are exactly that. For the most part, they essentially get people to elect them and once in office, do not fulfill their promises. Whether Democrat or Republican, I think we can all agree that we don’t know a single politician, with justification or not, who kept every campaign promise s/he made.

Now that we have found one area of agreement. let’s see if we can’t bring ourselves closer by finding other areas of agreement. This week, the president went to the G20 Summit, an important meeting of world leaders where they make agreements to work together on trade and other issues. If you are watching new reports, it isn’t good. Trump has pulled the USA out of the Paris climate agreement and a number of trade agreements, as part of his America First policy.  The result is the other countries are working around us! 😦 Agreements have been made and/or talks are ongoing. For example, a trade agreement between Japan and the European Union was signed. Talks are happening for cooperation on multiple issues between Germany and China, Russia and Germany, Russia and China —  and others. Germany and France are now touted as the leaders of the free world. Whaaaat???!!! (In my mind I heard a record scratch sound effect. I think you heard it too!) Wait, stop,  hold the presses!!! I doubt any American – Trump supporter or not – wants to be left out of trade agreements or have some other country known as leader of the free world!! People voted for Trump to change things so that they would have better access to jobs that lead to a middle class life.  Less trade means fewer places to sell which means fewer sales. Fewer sales means fewer jobs. This is the opposite of what ANY American wants.  Uh-oh – I think we just found another area of agreement!

The other thing that came out of the G20 is working with Russia on cybersecurity. Another record scratch! I don’t think any American wants that either. Here we have a third area of agreement!

The bottom line is people in this country are hurting – Black and white,  urban and rural, native and naturalized, Democrats and Republicans. We need to get beyond politics and get personal.  We are one country, one people – Americans – with a lot more in common than not. We need to work together to make politicians do what is good for us and not what is good for themselves, period. Let’s not let them play on our fears and insecurities to split us into groups and pit each group against the other. Get your news from multiple credible sources. If you are a political conservative, check in to see what liberals are saying and see what stories they are reporting. Conversely, if you are a liberal, check conservative media to see what they are reporting. In both cases, be sure to use CREDIBLE, mainstream sources.

We are all humans. We all love our children. We all need health care. We all want good jobs. We all want to pay less in taxes. We all  want to feel safe. We all want at least middle class life with a car and a house and a retirement account. We all deserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We can absolutely all have all those things, but first we have to heal! Do your part. Start small. Smile at someone different from you today. Give a compliment to someone you don’t know. Hold the door for someone you normally would not. Perform a random act of kindness. Find a way to rub elbows with others different from you. Join a group with a diverse membership based on something you like. Wine lovers? Chinese cooking? R&B line dancing? Quilt making? Basic mechanics? There are infinite possibilities for positive interaction, healing and a great life.





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