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Man file #2: Men are WYSIWYG!

Hello Gorgeous Ones!

ManToonAs promised, here is another installment in my advice about the opposite sex: Men are WYSIWYG (WIZ – E – WIG) creatures. Know it, believe it, live by it.

No ma’am, that is not a typo. WYSIWYG means What You See Is What You Get. This is who men are, i.e., how they operate at the core. Men are much less complex than women. They often think we women take ourselves through a bunch of unnecessary drama. I tend to agree. Men are direct IN THEIR ACTIONS. They may tell you anything, but the proof is always in the pudding, i.e. their actions. Men don’t waste a lot of time on bullchips. Some don’t waste a lot of time talking at all. So when it comes to men, listen with your eyes because WYSIWYG. (Of course, this is general – there are always exceptions!)

Let’s go through a couple examples.

Example 1: You meet a man. You have good conversation. After a few conversations, you notice he only calls you around lunchtime and never answers when you call evenings. He works days and is home nights. You make a phone date for the evening and he doesn’t show up. The excuse is he had a busy evening and couldn’t make the call. No issues, we all have things to do to run our lives. You make another phone date and he says he forgot. Without prompting, he apologizes profusely and begs your forgiveness. It’s a lot of apology for missing a call but you are at the beginning and you think it’s sweet. You make another evening phone date for earlier in the evening at 7 pm when he says is a better time. He misses this call because “he was tired and went to bed early”. This man is either married, not so interested in you, or both. Rather than moving on as you should, many women want to work it out. It becomes a project or a competition. You are only trying to schedule a phone call! You have not even been on a date yet. If you have to work that hard to get attention in the beginning, what is your future? Move on and find someone who can’t wait to talk to you.

Example 2: I met a woman who was divorcing. She was very hurt. She had been married a long time –  I forget exactly how long  – I want to say  20 years but, let’s say 10. One thing she mentioned is her husband would bring her a coffee and it was always wrong. She commented. “After so many years, he doesn’t know how I take my coffee?” Of course he does! One would know how someone likes their coffee after a month, much less many years. If he had been an otherwise doting husband, then we could call it a coffee block. But there were a number of ways he showed her he had no interest in her. The coffee was just one way of showing her he didn’t care. A man interested in you, studies you. He will know as much about you as possible. He will know what you love and what you hate, right down to how you take your coffee. Men generally do not spend energy on that which is not important to them  – and unlike women, they don’t feel guilty about it either!

WYSIWYG rules: If he seems uninterested, it’s probably because he isn’t interested. don’t expect him to tell you so, sometimes even if you ask. It’s so much easier to avoid any semblance of conflict, let you think whatever you want and do as he pleases. If you are not getting enthusiasm, it is because he isn’t enthusiastic. Would you rather move on and find someone who is excited about you or spend your time -perhaps years of your life – trying to change an adult who is perfectly happy they way they are and is not going to change? Love yourself enough to pursue happiness with someone who wants to be happy WITH YOU so you can have less stress, fewer wrinkles and love your life! Yasssss. 🙂






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