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YOLO, Try It, Do Something Different!

Hello Gorgeous People… Here we are at just about the halfway point of 2017.  grand-canyon-1630527_640Wow, wasn’t that quick? How are those 2017 resolutions, promises, vows and goals holding up? If you’re like most people, you have not made nearly as much progress as you told yourself you would. Somehow, life got in the way, enthusiasm waned and for many of use those self-promises are all but a faded memory of a thought not so long ago.

Or maybe it’s just plain old fear paralyzing you. Change is scary, even if it’s good change. For example, you may have a great business idea and know for certain with every fiber of your being  that you can be successful, but fear has you paralyzed and you are not moving forward. Or perhaps you have a personal goal, such as being more independent and going places on your own, like a movie or some other social event, without a companion but you have been too apprehensive to make it happen.

Whether it is fear or forgetfulness, you are not alone! Many people, including myself have been there. It isn’t too late to find your success in 2017 if you are willing to do something different.

The something doesn’t have to start at the exact goal. You may need to work up to it. Let’s say your goal is to see the Grand Canyon this year. You know you will have to travel alone to make it happen but you are apprehensive about going alone because you never go anywhere alone. First, give yourself a pep talk. You can do it. You probably go alone to work, or to pick up the kids, or shopping all the time. So you can definitely do things alone. Maybe the next step is to go to a restaurant alone. First fast food and then a table service restaurant. A great time to go is lunch time. Next, try going to a movie or two on your own. Once you’re comfortable, try taking a day trip alone and then an overnight trip alone. Think of it as a business trip. If you needed to travel for work, you would most likely travel alone. See this in a similar light. If you are concerned about safety, stay in well lit areas and/or don’t go out at night. If during this process you find out solo travel just isn’t for you, you can always seek out and join a travel or tour group.

The point is to do something different to take yourself out of your comfort zone. Building up successes going outside your comfort zone will  give you the confidence and courage to directly pursue your goal. YOLO – you only live once – is so true and the clock is ticking!!! TRY IT. At worst you will have an adventure, find out something about yourself and have a story to share with the grandchildren to help them understand who glam-ma is. What a wonderful gift to yourself!


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