Personal Growth

Mantra for Self-Love

People are so interesting to me! Recently I received a critical, unkind comment from someone. In the physical world, I would need to continue to engage with this woman but in my head, I dismissed her. I am not very tolerable of negative remarks and even less so from those I don’t know well. I don’t need such comments in my life. Because I was forced to continue to engage her, I eventually saw a different aspect. It turns out she is quite unhappy – and overly critical – with herself. heart-700141_1280It is difficult to be kind and loving to others when you can’t be kind to yourself! With this on my mind, I created a short mantra to start anyone who needs it on a path to self-love. Because we remember and internalize what we hear., we can take the dialogue that is running in our heads that often works against us and make it work for us. Positive self-talk is amazing! Replacing negative thoughts with positive pep talks is simple, easy to use self-therapy — and FREE.  You have to love that!

Call it a mantra or an affirmation – whatever works for you. This is the first step to self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence. Say this every day to yourself as many times as you like. The more, the better. Say it in the mirror in the morning,  as you fall asleep at night, in the car, on the bus, at the grocery store, on the way to lunch. Sing it to your children (in my head it is in the tune of “This Old Man”) often and give them the gift of self-esteem too! Believe it, feel it through and through. Your general attitude should be more positive in 30 days. It’s a good day to have a good day! Here it is:

I love me, yes it’s true. I love me just because I do.

From my eyes to my thighs and my lips to my hips,  I love me and that’s just it.

I love me, yes it’s true. I love me just because I do.

From my soul to my soles and nose to my knees, I love me because I’m unique.

Silly but effective! Remember… there is no one like you in the history of mankind. You are unique, beautiful and custom-crafted, like a snowflake or a diamond – a precious manifestation of nature, no two exactly alike.




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