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Manchester and Hope

In the United States, today was Memorial Day, a day where we remember those who have fought and died in wars for the love of this country. We honor their sacrifice and those of their families in service to the United States of America. It is a time of parades, barbecues and family time.


As the day draws to a close, I cannot help but think of another sacrifice of life sitting in the shadow of today: last week’s terrorist incident in Manchester, England. Young girls and guardians, gathered to enjoy life for a few moments, ended in the useless slaughter of elementary school girls, cut down before their lives really had a chance to truly begin, and their guardians taken with them.

May those souls be at rest and forever delight in the music they were gathered to enjoy. May the parents, spouses, family and friends of these victims of terror find solace in the remembrance of the smiles and laughter of their loved ones and know that as long as they remain in the hearts and minds of others that they live forever.

While this is a blatant attack on girls, let us understand that it is just the latest of a long history of attacks on women. Women have been under attack, in terms of being oppressed, repressed, enslaved, used, abused, patronized and condescended to from the beginning of time. Women are the most abused group in history because we have been a part of every atrocity suffered by every group in history. We were there for the holocaust, transatlantic slave trade and ethnic cleansing. We continue to be there for the abductions, sex trade, slavery and repression. We are in many cultures second class citizens at best and property at worst. It is time for ALL this to end. We are smart, we have ambitions, we are managers and… we ARE the majority.

That’s riii-iight! Women are the majority on this planet and we can assert ourselves at any moment, this moment. We are in an era of more equality for women, a movement of women’s rights. Let us dream bigger and make larger strides to permanent equality, not just financially but politically and socially as well. We have been under attack for far too long. So let us understand this horrible event in Manchester is a line in the sand, a turn of the corner, a new level of heinous, the end of innocence and naivete for all women, worldwide. Let that thought unify us across social, economic and political lines to fight this war that has been long brewing – war against evil, hatred, bigotry, repression and inequality towards women. Let us unify and gain our social, economic and political freedom!

We have to think differently. We need a set of rules – a girl code – that we all adhere to. I think we only need two tenets:

  1. Men are men and women are women and one is not superior to the other. Feel it, believe it, tell it to yourself every day. Every woman has met a man she could think circles around. Every woman has met a man who could not think his way out of a paper bag. Men are not smarter or superior. They are men, they are different, they think differently than women. We can do and achieve the same things although we may approach situations differently. We are equal to men.
  2. Women are not the enemy of other women. The cattiness and competition must stop.  Instead, be a girl’s girl. Celebrate and support other women. When you see another woman, instead of an eye roll, offer a smile. When you meet a woman you admire, don’t be jealous, be complimentary. When you meet a woman who wants to emulate you or your style, embrace her, take her under your wing. (If you can’t do this, you will need to work on your self-confidence and love of self.  If you need help, read my other entries or contact me for a session.)

Women are awesome. The planet needs our nurture, talents, knowledge, wisdom, multi-tasking. Once we believe this like we believe the world is round, and stop the infighting, we can save the planet. We may be its only hope.


Those last two words, “only hope”, are important because they are the answer. Only hope, an aspect of love, can solve this planet’s problems. Women are experts at instilling hope. We do it with our children every day. It is the talent that allows us to be the good women standing behind great men. We are sort of humanity’s secret weapon. I believe only hope can counteract the call of extremist groups because only those who are without hope answer such a call. To me, an extremist group is another instance of a gang. People join gangs because they are lacking love, belonging and hope. I believe gangs, and extremist groups, offer twisted versions of these human needs. The only way to counteract that is to offer better options, the opportunity for connection and love, i.e. hope. We, as a society of humans, have to figure out how to do this and it cannot be done without women.

So let us acknowledge Manchester as the heinous, despicable crime that it is and let it serve as a rallying cry for women to come together on every front to change the world for the better.





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