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Fab Food Friday: Mother’s Day Weekend

Hello Lovelies!

First and foremost, shout out and much honor and respect for all those moms out there doing the DAYUM (lol) thing and holding it down each and every day. cropped-marguerite-74886_1280.jpg For all that you do – cleaning, cooking, chauffeuring, scheduling, managing, child care, parent care, spouse care, pet care AND many times the job outside the home as well: THANK YOU.  A double THANK YOU to all those  moms pulling double duty as single  parents!

If you are not getting the props you deserve (or maybe even if you are), give them to yourself! Buy yourself some flowers, a card, book a spa appointment, get a new outfit or piece of jewelry and take yourself to lunch!!! Tip: Better to go Saturday when it is less crowded than Sunday. Order a large or 2 meals so you can eat twice and skip the cooking this weekend!

Grilled Wings

Speaking of skipping the cooking, Fab Food this Friday is takeout! That’s right – and somewhat healthy. I am crazy about grilled wings  from  KFC – low in calories and delicious. AND they are WHOLE chicken wings! Yummy!!! I would avoid the sides, leave the biscuits behind and pair them with some delish steam-in-bag veggies of any type that cook up in the microwave in about 5 minutes. If you just can’t resist the sides, those fries are magnificent!

Happy Mother’s Day!




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