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In the beginning is the words.

I think most people agree, on some level, that the universe is an echo chamber. That means whatever you advance is what is returned. Our culture is full of adages proving this is true: You get back what you put out. You reap what you sow. Karma is boomerang. Be careful what you ask for, you might get it. That one should be “Be careful what you ask for, you always get it.”!

What I think is missing is that often we don’t understand how one sows seeds or puts things out. We think about this as acts and deeds, and that is true. But it also includes what you say and think.
ThinkerWe have all heard if you think you can’t, you can’t. That is because we are all self-fulfilling prophecies. If we believe in ourselves, we never give up. We may falter but we find a way. We persevere because we believe in what we are pursuing, but more because we believe in our ability to attain a goal. We believe in ourselves!

Whether we believe in ourselves or not is evidenced by the continuous self-dialogue we have, i.e. the thoughts we think, the words our minds are saying. That noisy mind is always chatting! Unfortunately, for many of us, that noisy mind doesn’t always have something good to say. It can be like a frenemy, throwing shade and filling us with doubt. We don’t think in pictures, we think in words.

So, to a great extent, our lives begin in our minds. You dream of a particular career and pursue it. You decide what you want to eat and cook it. You dream up a vacation experience and make the necessary plans to bring it to fruition. In the beginning is the words.

Talking to one’s self is often so random. But what if you started to control that process? What if every time that noisy mind of yours started to speak negatively, you made it stop and say something positive, much like a mom teaching a child to speak proper English. What if you got really good at that and was able to stop negative thoughts before your mind uttered them? You would create a cocoon of positivity around you. That means you follow another adage: “Look on the bright side”. Looking on the bright side is important. It allows you to see opportunity where others see failure or disaster. It  helps you count your blessings when you have the most trying of times because you realize that perhaps you are crying because you have no shoes when there are people with no feet.  It helps you get through challenges more easily because you realize life is cyclical and this too will pass. When you think is this manner you realize one day you are living happier and feel lighter because you changed your thought patterns and it was as easy as recognizing that it all begins with your own words.

In the beginning [of living happier] is the words.



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