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Busy, Gurl? (Guys, too!) Healthy Dinner Hack: Chicken & Shrimp

Hello Beautiful People!

TGIF! Happy fabulous Friday! what’s on my mind today, as always is living happier. One way to do that is to take better care of yourself. But with the job, the kids, significant others,  aging parents, being in school, chasing dreams, volunteering or whatever is taking up your time, preparing meals is the last place we want to spend much time. However, most of recognize now that Food = Life + Health! So.. .what’s a girl to do? How about a couple meal hacks that take just moments to prepare? I likey, and you will  too:

Busy Girl Shrimp, Veggies and Chicken

Busy Girl Shrimp, Veggies and Chicken

Earlier in the week I had cooked up some chicken breast strips, sliced and spiced, over the stove and added it to veggies. You could have it over pasta, but I skipped the carb. Having just a little of it left – enough to sample but not enough for a meal – I decided to incorporate it into the next meal. I broke up the 2 ounces of chicken into small pieces, added a 12 ounce packed of cooked “salad size” shrimp, two 12 ounce packages of frozen steam-in-bag vegetables (I used California and Winter blends) I let the microwave cook (one at a time, 6 minutes each) while I was otherwise occupied and my super easy sauce. By the way, feel free to cook those veggies days in advance and leave them in the bag in the fridge until you are ready to use them. Anywho…

Here’s the super-easy sauce: 1/2 cup low sodium condensed cream of chicken soup with 1/2 cup skim milk. Toss the veggies, chicken and shrimp in the sauce.

Approximate calories: 200 for both bags of veggies, 404 for the shrimp, 93 for the chicken, 60 for the soup and 30 for the milk. That’s under 800 for the entire dish, about 5 cups of food. a hefty 1 cup serving is about 150 healthy, tasty calories. Now THAT’S a hack. 🙂


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