Personal Growth

Hey Lady… thank you!

Hello Lovelies,

Yesterday was the end of International Women’s Month, with International Women’s Day being March 8th. As we move into April, if no one has told you, then let it be me. THANK YOU! Thanks to all the daughters who are caring for aging parents. Thanks to all the moms who heap love, nurture and healing on their children, keeping the family running like a well-oiled machine, day in and day out. Thanks to all the wives, wifeys and girlfriends who are supporting their husbands, wives (hey, it’s 2017!) and significant others. Thanks to all those superwomen out there, pursuing careers, being underpaid and hitting the glass ceiling. In other words, thanks to all women everywhere, for holding it down, keeping us up, being the backbone of humanity and the keepers of the culture.

Let’s be friendlier to each other, more open,  less catty and understand we are in this sisterhood together. Together we ARE the majority. WE are a mighty force and there is no reason to compete with each other on a personal level when we can use less energy for better purpose with good returns when we support each other. Girl Power and Power To The Girl!

Continued Success and Bountiful Blessings,



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