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Live Happier!

Hello Friend! Welcome to my Life By Kae blog.

I call you friend because I hope you will come to think of me as your personal growth and career coach, a friend and mentor from whom you can trust you will always receive practical, common sense advice and keeps it real yet is biased to help you live happier. Just like the best of best friends do, I’ll give it to you straight, with love, to help you win.

Every person alive has struggles. We all have moments where we are so bogged down by an obstacle that the simplest of solutions can escape us. But once we find a solution, we are joyful. Our hearts are lighter, the burden is lifted. I love helping people find that moment, whether it’s over something as simple as being more organized or a major decision like whether to relocate. I’d love to help you live in that moment as much as possible.

I’ve found that most obstacles can be solved more easily from a positive perspective. Most people say they agree, yet they still solve problems from a negative mindset of worry and fear. Some people are full of worry and fear all the time.  If you are willing, it is not hard to change to a positive mindset. A positive mindset leads to happiness and emotional wellness. Happiness is a super-power. When situations occur in life to teach you a lesson, the life lesson is not as difficult because you understand it faster and resolve the situation more quickly. Can you imagine what would the world be if we were all emotionally well? Wow! Most of all,  a positive mindset will bring you…

Success and Many Blessings,
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